days 23-25

on thursday, my friend’s returned from their vacation in the US (their apartment was where i was staying). it was very nice to see them again. that day i went into mitte to do some shopping while my friend’s rested a bit from jetlag. i visited a bookstore on friedrichstrasse that was quite huge. it reminded me of a very big barnes and noble type of store. they even had a huge english book section. i was really tempted to buy a book to read on the way home, but i couldn’t carry anything more back for realsies. later that evening i made dinner for them and dessert- lasagne and zucchini cake. i don’t mind cooking and baking at all, and it’s really great to be able to share food with others. we somehow got on the topic of this documentary called jesus camp, and decided to watch it after. i’ve seen the film before, but it’s really interesting and we felt like being lazy and staying in.

the next morning i woke up early to go to the bank. i had to finish the process of closing my account and transferring the money. it was a complicated situation because i had a student account that had a lot of restrictions because i’m a foreigner, so i had to wait for the office in hamburg to unlock it. on friday it was all set, but for some reason i couldn’t transfer money to my home account from that specific bank. blah blah long story short there are just lots of (german) rules and i have to transfer through online banking. no big deal.

later that evening, there was a dinner party at my other friend’s apartment that we went to as well as more friends from my class. it was a really great way to see them together before i left. i made some apple crisp, and some of the other food that people made were tapioca pudding, hummus, and some other random things. there was no special theme haha, so that is why everything was a bit random. the hummus was the best i think. at the end of the evening we were eating it by the spoon until it was gone. it was a really great fun party, and we didn’t end up leaving to go home until at least 5 in the morning. on our way back, we took the metro and went the wrong way first so it took us longer than normal, but eventually when we got off we stopped to get a döner before going back to the apartment. i haven’t eaten one in a long time because usually it makes my tummy hurt, but this one tasted so good. possibly it was because i knew it was my farewell döner.

the next day we slept in late since we returned quite late in the morning. i think i woke up around noon. we were very lazy the whole day, mostly hanging out in pajamas and relaxing. in the evening i wanted to go out to dinner since it was my last night, and we went out with a small group to a pakistani/indian restaurant. we originally wanted to go to a schnitzel place, but the restaurant was closed for some reason. we were in prenzlauerberg so it wasn’t a big deal because there are restaurants and cafes every few meters. we came across the pakistani restaurant and it looked super cozy and the menu looked cheap as well. i’ve never had this type of food before, but why not? the inside was very charming and comfortable, and it was such a really great evening with friends. i ordered something with eggplant and chickpeas, and we shared  some yummy puffy bread. for a drink, we had mango lassis which are like smoothies i think. tasty!

since we slept in so late that morning, we weren’t tired at all that night. i ended up going to sleep around 2 am, and it turned out to be only a nap because i had to wake up around 4 am to get ready before my taxi came. my friends that lived there helped me carry my luggage downstairs, and we said goodbye there. i decided it was easier to go to the airport alone, and less sad to say goodbye there instead of in front of people at the airport. i was sad to say bye to them, and i got a little choked up in the taxi ride afterwards, but then i started feeling okay once i arrived at the airport. i am writing this post from home since i didn’t have time before i flew over. i do miss germany very, very much for sure, but i do know, now that i know how it feels to be home, that i made the right decision to come home now. it feels amazing to be back, and soo good to be surround by my family (and spanky!) again. i think i will always miss germany and europe, but it feels right inside, now that i’m here. i just want to make sure though, that i never forget how amazing these last two years have been, and how proud i should be of myself for taking the chance to do it, for making some of the best memories and friends ever, and for coming home with a master’s degree.


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