day 22 in berlin

today my best friend from dessau came to visit for the day! in the morning i visited the bank to start the process of closing my account, and then after i went to friedrichstrasse station to meet her there. we went to the deutsches technik museum so she could do a bit of research for her thesis, and to just explore a new museum anyways. there is the main museum, and another separate building called “spectrum” but still a part of the main one. we visited spectrum first. it reminded me so much of disney, especially epcot haha. it’s basically a big interactive science museum where you can play with and touch all of the installations. a big playground! a lot of it was really interesting and cool. there were sections like astronomy, electricity, and some different rooms about sight and sound senses.

we only planned on seeing the spectrum building, but we noticed on our ticket that the price also includes entry into the main museum too, so we went there as well. i was surprised by this museum. i expected it to be kind of boring, and mostly about boy things, even though that is stereotypical haha. but this was actually one of my most favorite museums i’ve visited in berlin. it has a lot of really cool information and installations, but the interior architecture and design is really well done i think. one of my favorite rooms was the engine hall which had really old train wagons and engines. they seemed so massive standing right next to them, and so impressive. you could also see inside some of the old passenger wagons and see the old furniture and decorations. i liked the smell of the room too. it smelled old but historic, the same way some old churches and palaces smell. the upper floor was also cool. it was about the history and science of photography and film. there were really old cameras, as well as some of the first designs for moving pictures. i’m not sure what they are called, but they are these little contraptions that you spin and there is a hole you look through which makes the inner image look like it’s moving.

after the museum we went to zoologischer garten and got some asian noodle boxes that are apparently popular. this is the first time i’ve been brave enough to eat asian noodles since i got food poisoning in china a few months ago. but these were fine and delicious. they were super salty though. we had to go to a grocery store after to buy colas because we were so thirsty so fast. we walked around ku’damm shopping street for a bit, and then went back to the station so she could catch the train back to dessau. 


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