day 21 in berlin

again, i was lazy in the morning. in the afternoon i ventured out to a new neighborhood i haven’t visited yet in berlin, called charlottenburg. this part of berlin wasn’t damaged too much in the war, so it still has the original style from the early 20th century. i think this also used to be the richest part of the city, maybe still is i’m not totally sure. anyways, by the time i got around to getting outside, the weather had changed and it began to rain. it wasn’t so bad, but i decided to just walk over to see charlottenburg palace and then head back. it is quite nice i think, and it’s said to be a mini version of versailles palace in france. i didn’t go inside though, but just walked around the outside a bit and took some pictures. the main gate reminds me very much of how it looked in paris when i visited versailles.

after that, i went to kreuzberg to meet up with a friend from dessau who is now working in berlin. we met at an italian restaurant, called il casolare, that i found online with good recommendations. we both ordered pizza and it was really good and really huge. most of the pizzas i’ve had in europe have thin crusts but are served as a whole pie. i really like getting a pizza all to myself. although i almost never finish the whole thing alone, it’s still nice to think you can eat it all if you wanted.


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