day 20 in berlin

after a busy, but very enjoyable weekend in erfurt, i became a little tired and lazy yesterday. the weather was quite nice so i forced myself to get outside and at least enjoy it for a little bit. in the afternoon i went for a walk in prenzlauerberg area, to take some pictures and pick up some groceries.

in the evening i met up with my friend to get some currywurst and walk around the city to see the festival of lights that is going on. we both love currywurst a lot. i know it’s not the healthiest dish, but it’s just so tasty. we went to this place called curry 36 in kreuzberg, which is supposed to make one of the best currywurst in the city. after tasting it,  i can see why. it was very good. we also got fries with it, served with mayonnaise and ketchup, called “rot-weiß pommes.” this means red-white fries. before i came to europe, it thought mayo and fries was weird and gross. but now i am a convert. i believe french fries and mayo and ketchup together are a match made in heaven. i still love honey mustard, but i will try to open more eyes to the rot-weiß magic.

after the currywurst, we walked around to the main sights in the city. the festival lasts for about two weeks, and all of the main sights and monuments of the city are lit up in pretty colors. it was really cool, and there were a lot of people out and about. we walked from the brandenburg gate, down the unter den linden street, and over to the tv tower at alexanderplatz. i liked the tv tower the most because it was a very pretty purple color. we stopped at a restaurant under the tower, called “alex,” to have some dessert. i ordered a little dish that had walnut-maple ice cream that was rolled in chopped nuts and came with baked apples. it tasted like autumn! so good!


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