day 16 in berlin

renaissance-mission-accomplished day! finally haha. since i’ve pretty much seen the rest of the things on my “to-see-before-i-leave-berlin” list, i made yesterday dedicated to getting into the bode museum to see the renaissance exhibition. third time is a charm in this case. i woke up yesterday at 7:30 and left the apartment by 8:45, got to the museum and in line around 9:30. the museum doesn’t officially open until 10, but by the time i got there, there was already a long line around the side of the museum. and within a few minutes after i was standing there, the line looked like it had doubled. i think everyone there had tried a few times before, and learned that the only way to see it was to show up early and just wait. i’m assuming most of us were tourists too, waiting in line without anything better to do haha. luckily the weather was quite nice. it was sunny and the sky was a pretty blue, but it was a bit cold. i didn’t get my ticket until almost 11:30, and at that point my toes were very cold and starting to go numb so i had to go into a cafe to warm up. so yes, after two hours, i finally got my ticket. and then the time slot i was assigned for visiting the exhibition wasn’t until 2:50 in the afternoon. there was a guy handing out coupons in line from a cafe where you could go and get a free cookie with a coffee while you wait for your number to be called. it wasn’t really worth it, the cookie was barely anything and the coffee was overpriced, but i was distracted by getting a coupon. the cafe was interesting anyways, and it was warm so it ended up being fine. the theme of it was the “ampleman” which is the german crossing signal man in the crosswalk lights. outside there were about 20 different crosswalk lights that show the different types of icons that countries around the world use. this is what the cookie was in the shape of too by the way. i learned after an hour so that you can actually go into the permanent collection of the museum while you wait to go into the special exhibition. i could have gone in there earlier to hang out instead of going to the cafe or waiting around outside i guess, but oh well. i did go in about an hour before my number was called and was able to see most of it anyways. it’s a nice museum actually, and i really liked the way it looked. it also had a lot of renaissance sculptures and paintings which i always enjoy. i guess renaissance period work is my favorite. i’m not sure why, but it’s what i feel most excited about seeing.

the actual exhibition was really cool once i got in finally. i’m not sure if it’s worth waiting around all day to see, but since i had nothing better to do i was happy i was there. the whole thing is dim to protect the work probably, but the lighting was done so well. the paintings were against black backgrounds, the lighting highlighted it perfectly. i’m not sure how to describe it, but it just looked so cool. maybe it was the way the colors were brought out, i’m not sure. the ticket price also included an audio guide which was actually an ipod. that was unexpected but i liked it. it was set up so you type in the numbers that are listed next to some works to hear more information about them. it was quite informative, and there was usually some music accompanying it that made it feel like you were back in time. there were really big names present in the exhibition, which is why i think it’s so famous and hard to get in to. for example, botticelli, bellini, and da vinci. there was one famous painting of da vinci’s that was only going to be in the exhibition for a few more weeks. it was a really nice painting i think, called lady with an ermine, and i always am in awe when i see something from someone as famous as leonardo da vinci.

after visiting the exhibition, i walked around the permanent collection for some more minutes, but i felt so tired and sleepy from being there all day that i decided to head back to the apartment. later in the evening i went to have dinner with some friends from my class. two of them live together now and invited us over. i brought some cookies that i made the night before, and glühwein. even though it’s a bit early for christmas things, the wine was a good idea because the weather is very cold at night and it feels as it might as well be christmas time soon.


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