day 15 in berlin

yesterday i woke up early in a second attempt to see the renaissance exhibit at the bode museum. i had went last thursday in the afternoon and by the time i got there the tickets were already sold out. well yesterday i woke up early and arrived around 11:15 and the tickets were sold out then! jeeez. it was frustrating but i knew i would try the next day since i’m on vacation and have nothing better to do. but i can’t imagine how it is for people with real jobs and schedules. it must be next to impossible for them to see this exhibit if you have to show up and wait in line super early for tickets. i decided yesterday after that to do some window shopping on friedrichstrasse since it was very close. then i took the s-bahn to another museum that i haven’t visited yet, the museum of photography. this was over near charlottenburg, right next to zoologischer garten station. i stopped in the station to get a snack and bought a little pastry with spinach inside. it was so good. i was surprised haha. it tasted like a really, really great hot pocket. anyways, i could use my year pass at this museum which is the primary reason why i went. although in the end i’m glad i went anyways because it was very interesting and i was happy to spend my afternoon there. i think all of the work was by helmut newton, who is well known for his fashion editorial photography. i liked his work a lot.

after that, i headed back to the apartment because i need to mail out one more box of things before the post office closed. i went to the one here in prenzlauerberg since it’s the closest. i’m guessing i went a rush hour because there was a very long line and i had to wait for awhile. again, no big deal for me because i have nothing better to do haha. this post office was in a big mall, so afterwards i got distracted by a shoe store that was having a sale and ended up buying a pair of oxfords that were on sale. i felt guilty, but i still like them. i’ve been looking for a nice (and affordable) pair for awhile.

in the evening i decided to bake cookies. sometimes i really like baking at night, not sure why, but somehow it’s fun. it’s like eating breakfast for dinner.


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