days 13 + 14

well the last two days have been quite lazy and i figured i’d group them together. monday and today were both rainy, windy days. and when the weather is like that, i become  a homebody. monday i stayed in all day and worked on my food blog for awhile, did some cooking, and watched a movie (‘crazy, stupid, love’ which was quite funny).

today was rainy again, but i couldn’t stay inside all day and i really wanted to get out and have some fresh air. it was raining all day straight until this evening, but the temperature was quite warm and it felt nice anyways. i wanted to visit the new national gallery today, but when i got there this afternoon there was a sign saying the permanent collection was closed for cleaning or something. i was pretty disappointed because i was looking forward to visiting it, but nothing you can do about that. there is some pretty famous artwork there, including some by picasso. oh well. although that was closed, there was still a temporary exhibition inside that i decided to visit anyways. it was about this artist who travelled around the world studying some random family lineages and she took photographs of the family members. they all had some interesting political or historical story behind them. it was not bad i think. it was raining pretty steadily after i finished there, and i decided to come back to the apartment. i stopped at the grocery store on the way back to pick up a few things, then i came back here to have dinner and watch a few episodes of two and a half men. this evening i went back out to meet my friend to see a movie together. there is a theater at hackescher markt that plays original version movies, meaning they are played in their original languages and usually have german subtitles. at home i really love going to the movies, but when i am over here in europe i don’t go very often. most movies in germany are dubbed, and the only city around where i was that played movies in english was berlin. it ended up being quite expensive to take a train to berlin and then pay for the movie ticket itself. anyways, i’m saying that tonight was exciting for me :) on the way over to the theater i stopped at the grocery store to pick up some cheap candy, just like i do at home haha. the theaters here are a little different in that you can buy wine and beer to take in, which most people do. the popcorn is also different. most of the time it is the sweet kind, which is called kettle korn at home right? i forget already. sometimes you can get a mixture of salty and sweet popcorn which is really good, but i think the sweet kind is really popular. and at most theaters in europe you choose a seat when you buy your ticket and everyone sits in their assigned places. at first i thought this was really weird and annoying because i just like sitting wherever i want, but now it makes more sense. this way you don’t have to fight for your seat and show up super early i guess. the theater tonight was the first one i’ve been to over here that didn’t assign seats though. i guess it’s because it’s a smaller theater. it wasn’t a problem though because we still got our seats just fine. we saw the movie melancholia. it was good i think, but depressing to watch. i think everyone that left felt the same way haha.

tomorrow i think my plan is to wake up early to see if i can see the special exhibition at the bode museum.


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