day 12 in berlin

yesterday was another lazy day. the night before i did go out with friends to a bar and then to a club for one of the girl’s birthdays. i really like going out in berlin, but i don’t like how lazy i feel the next day because of how late we stay out. it is great though seeing so much energy and life so late in the night/early in the morning. we stayed out until almost 4am, and at that point there were still a lot of people out and about, and even the club was still really full. the bar we visited first was near oranienburgerstrasse station in mitte, and the club was by friedrichstrasse station.

yesterday i woke up around 11 which is not too late, but i still felt lazy. i visited another flea market that is only open on sundays at arkonaplatz. it was small but really interesting. the weather yesterday was cold again, but it was very sunny and it felt like a perfect fall day. i realized too that i would love to spend all my sundays at flea markets. the atmosphere is so nice and relaxing. i found a small jewelry stand and bought some rings for souvenirs. i also found some old deutsche mark coins at another station and was going to buy them, but i had no idea what they were supposed to look like and i wasn’t sure if what i was buying was a rip-off or something. they were also 1 euro each, which is not bad actually, but i am not experienced with bargain hunting at markets and i got nervous for some reason for fear of buying crap. i don’t know why i care so much haha, i should have just bought them anyways. this market had a lot more vintage things than hand crafted products. if i was living here and had an apartment to furnish it would be really great. now that i’m just a tourist, i have no reason to buy most of the things i saw, although i did want to. it would make for a very retro feel in your apartment. after visiting this market i walked over to mauerpark market again because it was very near and i had to pass through it to get back to the apartment anyways. this market was the one i visited last sunday. last week though i was walking around in shorts and sandals and it was still too hot, and yesterday i was in boots and a scarf and my winter jacket and i was still chilly! the environment here is really great though. there’s an equal mix of hand crafted art and products as well as vintage clothing/household items/junk/ and other things for sale. there are also a ton of food vendors and some beer gardens too. i came across a vendor selling honey, and i think i saw it last week too. anyways, this little booth is very popular! they have a bunch of their honeys and cream spreads (like nutella, but i don’t know what to call this category other than cream spreads?) out for you to try with crackers. everyone goes a little crazy and hogs the space for awhile to try them all. i did too when i got the chance. they are delicious though. it’s a local company that makes it themselves, and i’m always drawn to businesses like that. it’s weird though, that i intend to make a career out of branding and yet i avoid all major (big-time successful) brands and am more excited about local, smaller brands. anyways, these were all very interesting flavors. for the honeys, there were flavors likes “strawberry-balsamic vinegar,” “raspberry-basil,” “lime-mint,” and so on. the cream spreads were better though i think, and anyone who likes nutella will agree. my favorite flavors were “caramel-sea salt,” “chocolate-espresso,” and the simple “vanilla.” i bought the caramel and vanilla. now i have to figure out if i will eat them both (will be very easy to do) or give them as gifts. decisions, decisions.

i then wandered to the edge of the market to the “bear-pit karaoke” area. every sunday afternoon there is a guy who sets up a karaoke stage and anyone can try. it’s really entertaining, and from what i have seen every week there is a big audience. i watched a few people perform yesterday and it seemed like the crowd favorites were the less-than-talented singers because they tended to put on a better show. they are so brave though and i completely respect them haha.


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